A downloadable game for Windows

Drive Time Radio is a 20 minute narrative game. You're tonight's lucky contestant. Are you gonna go home with VIP tickets to the Beach-A-Palooza Spring Break Beach Blowout? Or are you not going home at all...


  • 20 Minute Experience
  • Branching Narrative


  • WASD to steer car
  • Mouse to look around
  • Mouse Button One to interact

Designed by : Jackson

Logo : Bill Blanchard

Asset Packs:
Construction Site VOL.1 - Supply and Material Props by Dekogon Studios 
Hollywood Movie Props VOL.3 by Dekogon Studios
Normal Damage Decals by Evgeniy Kashirskiy 
Temperate Vegetation: Spruce Forest by Project Nature
Vehicle Variety Pack by Switchboard Studios

Megascans - Sands by Quixel Megascans

Megascans - Concrete Vol.4 by Quixel Megascans 
Landscape Backgrounds by Gokhan Karadayi


The Degs - I'll Know


Sonniss GameaudioGDC Archive

Updated 16 days ago
Release date 34 days ago
AuthorBirthday Boy
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withUnreal Engine
TagsCreepy, Driving, First-Person, Funny, Horror, Multiple Endings, Narrative, Short, Singleplayer, Unreal Engine
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

Download and extract the ZIP folder, then run the .exe


drive-time-radio-win.zip 407 MB
Version 10 16 days ago

Development log


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Very unique, had a blast with this one.  Check the vid for full gameplay. 

Not to brag, but uhhhhhhhh, this guy's headed to the beach. B{)

jesus, brett, if you're not gonna respect me, the least you could do is respect beach-a-palooza

Loved this game! Can't wait to see more like it in the future 

Sadly no matter what could not get the subtitles working at all. But still super enjoyed the Silly spoopiness of the game! Had a blast!

Watched a playthrough of the game and loved it! The radio show hosts have great chemistry, the acting is on point. It really does sound a lot like a random radio show you won't even normally notice playing in the backround. I think that's one of the best parts of the game! It doesn't FEEL scary, but when you think about the implications... It's quite terrfying.

This game is such a gem! Beautiful aesthetic, absolutely hilarious. I enjoyed it soo much!

I really enjoyed this game. Even though we don't get to see the radio host, their voice acting gives a mental picture of what they would look like, it's what gave their character that extra sauce. The quick-time events really did put me on the edge. It's not really horror, but more of a comedy. Overall, I would recommend others to play it for the voice acting, well done.

I finally won something. And it only took some brain power. Love love this game, everything was just amazing.

The voice acting is great!! Loved the game very much!!

I really enjoyed this game fantastic acting and story.

(1 edit)

Honestly a really good game! I probably seemed a little bleh with it in my video, but it's worth a play for anyone who likes indie horror!

The Voice acting and the characters in this game made it an absolute Gem. Awesome Job dev 

Well well well what can I say bout this game......I'll tell you what...BRETT YOU BASTARD YOU OWE ME TICKETS !!!!! lol In all seriousness this game was fun and different, love that the dev stepped outside the box with this one. Very enjoyable and would easily recommend. Look forward to more projects from you...keep up the great work 



good game fun overall 


Kyle my beloved


That dang cliffhanger. A good game though.

Amazing experience! I loved being stressed out trying to answer the trivia while driving. I don't like driving, but for this game I would do it again.

Subtitles on, but not working? Any fix for this?


I absolutely loved the personality of the entities and the barter they had really added into it, a very well wrapped experience that was very fun. Thank you for making this!

This game looks very fun, however, I'm experiencing an annoying issue, in which the game just doesn't load.

When I installed it the first time on the Itch Client and clicked Launch, it briefly said it was installing something extra that was required. But not it just doesn't launch. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it. Even tried a manual download. Same issue.

I hope someone can help me, cause I'd love to play this!

(Also just checked that I can load other games I downloaded, and they launch)

I've just pushed a new build that includes some UE4 Prerequisites, please let me know if this resolves the issue.

I can’t speak for OP, but my copy isn’t running either. When I try to open it I get the little “busy” cursor for a second and then nothing happens. I tried installing the new updated version and my antivirus scanned it and said it was okay, but the program itself just doesn’t run. Weird.

I’m running Windows 10 version 2004, if that helps.

Unfortunately, it did not :(

But this time when installing it on the Itch Client, it asked for permission for "Helper program to make changes" or something. And when looking at task manager, I can see that "UE4Game" appears for a moment, but then it disappears.

Perhaps try opening the .exe directly as an administrator. If you've downloaded it through the Itch Client, it will be in \AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\drive-time-radio\DriveTimeRadio

That didn't work for me either, unfortunately. And it's the same for me, Swashberry. I'm using Windows 10 Pro version 21H2. Intel CPU and NVIDIA GPU if it's possibly some hardware thing. 

Damn, some good, original idea you got here! I'll be honest I often daydream about driving and zoning out (as we all do sometimes) and then being teleported to a road I've never seen before. Good stuff. Great voice acting, too!

very pog. the poggest. pURhapse even the POG CHAMP 


Had a blast playing this! Voice acting is really great. Brett really wanted me dead.


This game was really funny and really well made. A lot more complicated than I originally thought it would be, but definitely still doable. The voice acting in this game was also really well done. Would reccomend!

This was a blast of a game; it was hilarious as well as a bit challenging and it was just so much fun to play. The two radio hosts had so much charisma and personality, it was so great to listen to them and be in the driver's seat (*badum tish*). Dodging the tentacles was more challenging than I expected and the questions were relatively simple enough to get right! 

The restart feature where it saves in the middle was  great addition and made the wrong answers or crashing into tentacles not too bad! That was a great little quality of life feature! (Not many games have that and it was a pleasant surprise to see a soft save feature here!)

Only suggestions I would have were to make the times where the presenters just talking be a bit more challenging; maybe by adding some debris or burning cars which would also make the environment seem that much more fuller with the backstory of the game!

This game was so much fun and it was absolutely a great play! Enjoyed it a lot; keep it up and good luck for future projects!


Drive coolly.

about half way through my camera was out the front window and I was unable to answer any of the questions, if it helps I was holding W the whole time



Really good game loved the chemistry between the locutors.


doesn't work on Win 11

Nothing does

Awesome expirience!

Pure Perfection

Amazing Game 10/10

Always love a game with good humor and the dialogue was A+

Very great game. The voices acting is top notch.

The checkpoints could use some work xD

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