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The game is actually top tier comedy. 10/10

I downloaded the game because I saw others playing but I can't get it to run, I don't know what I'm failing to do. There must be some way to get to work.


I'm also having trouble getting it to run! :( 

Birthday-boy, pls help


not the best game ive played, but it had its own charm that i appreciate.

It was really fun to play!

it was ok i guess

This was great. The ending caught me well off guard with the pace and speed of it all... :)

I had a blast with this. Great pacing, amazing voice acting, nice sound effects and music. Honestly this was really fun to play. I did not expect for it to get my heart beat racing but it certainly did! Following you and will check out your other work. :)
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I love everything about this game. I am so impressed by this that I want the creator to know that I am a VERY experienced veteran gamer and game critique and analyzer, and this is now up there on my huge list of one of the most phenomenal experiences I've ever played. I don't want take the time to sit here listing off everything, but know that I love EVERYTHING about it and this is exactly MY kind of game. I had such a great time experiencing this and analyzing it. Don't listen to the people that say it's a bad game, they clearly inferior dullards and are incapable of enjoying the immersive experiences that people like us enjoy.

Pls add the Mac version

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Love it that it's funny and scary


This by far the worst game I have ever played in my entire life, dont waste your time playing this, there is no horror in it, the gameplay is boring, the quality is trash, the voice lines are trash, the story is trash, the controls are also trash...                                                                          


why are you so mad ?


Not every game has to have horror, the gameplay is an absolutely phenomenal experience in every way, the quality is perfect for the experience it is going for, the writing and voice acting is extremely high quality, the story and setting is AMAZING, and the controls are also perfect for what the experience is going for. 

YOU are by far one of the WORST gamers and human beings I have ever seen. You are very clearly a terrible gamer who doesn't understand the first thing about video games or even what life in general is about. Video games aren't just about the gameplay, you have the mentality of an unevolved 2 year old neanderthal. Video games are about having PHENOMENAL EXPERIENCES THAT YOU CANNOT GET IN REAL LIFE. That is what all video games are about, and this game right here is one the the BEST examples of what that is. You are clearly one of those types of people who think that every single game has to be the same, and if it does anything different you think it's automatically bad. You think every single game HAS to have platforming, HAS to have enemies to kill, HAS to have experience points, upgrade systems, quests and side-quests and it has to be over 20 hours long, and if it doesn't fit all those criteria, you automatically think it's bad. You are a perfect example of one of the most toxic kind of gamers, worthless scum who make the state of gaming and the world in general a worse place to live. You must have been born with a bad brain because only an idiot would call something that is factually good "bad". Only someone with a bad brain would be incapable of seeing how good of an experience this truly is. You are incapable if getting immersed into an immersive experience. You are incapable of enjoying phenomenal experiences. You are infected with some kind of disease that causes you to be delusional, causes you to hate on things that don't deserve it, and prevents you from stepping into other people's shoes to see how THEY might enjoy something that you personally don't. Calling a Phenomenal Experience only makes YOU bad. You are a waste of life and a blight on the gaming world. I hope you are happy living the rest of your life knowing that you chosen to go down in history as a terrible gamer, terrible person and an idiot. If that is what you were going for. then good job.


Very cool game and story!

Still scared to turn on the radio.

This was different from the usual indie horror game and it was really fun! Enjoyed the concept!



this was a huge fun! i had a smile from beggining to end, great work and thank you for sharing this!


Never thought I would be the guy asking this, but anyone else having troubles getting the game to run after extracting the zip? I've attempted running as admin as well as completely deleting and re-downloading/unzipping the files to no luck. For the dev; currently running the most up-to-date Windows 11 Home.


the easiest solution is to go back to windows 10


Bro this game was like, super well thought out and excited, it was shockingly polished, and a great experience! H

ad fun playing it 

enjoyed this game alot it took me a min but i beat it on some luckyness lolol 

great game

I really love the idea of this game, it’s hard but not hard to where a idiot (like me) can beat this game. Even though I didn’t beat it on camera I was able to beat it off camera.

all the comments are videos lol, jokes aside really liked the game! even tho at the end it glitched a lot. (I play drive time at 14:26)

Game was really fun! i enjoyed it! :D 

00:00 Your game starts. This was funny, imaginative, and scary all at once. The way the story changes based on how you answer is great. If you choose to build on the lore with a sequel or update, we would totally be in. Fantastic game from beginning to end!

Nightmare radio show driving simulator? count me in!

Really fun game and super funny , damn bret didn't want to play fair

Great game

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I couldn't play it


I'm a bad driver.... 

Saw Markiplier play it, but had to try it myself and I really love the characters in the talk show! Especially Brett. God that accent is funny!

I hope it gets noticed more as it is a nice 20 min game to play :) Maybe we can see more added later?

Also for those who haven't seen you can see a full gameplay here :)


really good game

plz make part2 and the part play with brett and the onther boy




What an amazing show thank you my guy finally I actually achieved something in life.


Great game. The video I made had a bit of audio issues, but I fully understated the concept.

i absolutely LOVE this game!!! i think a part 2 or like a sequel where we get to actually see kyle and brett would be so cool!!! lots of love <3

Hi, Birthday Boy! I saw you on Markiplier. I like your game! The characters, Kyle and Brett, are cool guys. I'd like to translate your game into Turkish. Contact me if you're interested!
Horny Slayer#1143 is my discord nickname, kinda sussy name... never mind.

esta bastante bueno p


Kyle and Brett are awesome, this game is really good and I really enjoyed it

The game won't start for me. I can't run it and followed the instructions. What do I do?

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